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An everyday occurrence

No one writes about the victims of climate change until they are rich and white. A Katrina happens every day.

Norway is very far behind when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions in relation to the commitments we have under the Kyoto agreement, which only gives us room for an increase of 1 per cent compared to the 1990 level. Today, we expect a 24 percent increase. If the four gas power plants at Skogn, Kårstø, Mongstad and Tjeldbergodden are built, we will see an increase of 31 per cent. Then we end up in class with the United States. So surely the efforts of the environmental movement have failed? Lars Haltbrekken, leader of the Nature Conservation Association, pulls it off.

- We must constantly become better at pushing for a reduction in emissions, but I do not want to say that we have failed. Norway, on the other hand, has failed when it comes to addressing the climate threat. . .

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