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A global demo movement

The election in Sweden opens up feminist initiatives in the rest of the EU.


[stockholm, sweden] Sweden has got a new government. We do not yet know what policy it will implement to strengthen women's rights. What we do know is that we should once again look at the ban on buying sex, and that the right to self-determined abortion is not a matter of course for all parties that are part of the government alliance.

Also elsewhere in the world, women's (human) rights look bleak. Nicaragua has just introduced the most stringent abortion law in the world. Like Malta, El Salvador, Chile and the Vatican, Nicaraguan women are now consistently denied the right to abortion, even

after rape. In Poland, everything suggests that a majority in parliament will amend the Constitution to become the state that will protect the lives of all citizens from the moment of conception.

In Afghanistan, the Taliban has tightened its grip, and the uninterrupted violence is particularly acute. . .

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