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An international tribute

Mira Craig has made every effort to give Norwegians something new to put in their ear, but it has not been easy to understand themselves musically.

- Most people in the music industry are afraid to do something new, or something different. Especially if there is something they do not fully understand. So I have in a way been forced over the years to do everything myself, says Norwegian-American Mira Craig, who made her album debut on Monday with Mira Mira!.

The young girl from St. Hanshaugen in Oslo has been practicing music for almost ten years. She wrote her first song as a 15-year-old, but it wasn't until she started making her own beats that things got swift.

And the music is definitely different. She draws inspiration from a variety of styles such as dancehall, soca Norwegian stev, southern state hip-hop and Japanese folk music, and has already stood out as a very self-taught artist.

She is also fascinated by the Norwegian myths about huldra, which is expressed in song titles such as «Huldra. . .

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