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End of the peace process?

The United States has no longer decided to deal with the Palestinian Authority (PA) as a diplomatic body, while Trump is threatening to cut all support for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees. Now the US embassy in Israel has moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Is the peace process over?

14. May 1948 Zionist leader David Ben Gurion presented the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Israel has subsequently occupied much of Palestine through occupation and annexation, and designated Jerusalem as the new capital. The United States has opposed the latter in the past, as they thought Jerusalem's future had to be on the negotiating table, while an Israeli annexation of Jerusalem would undermine the negotiations for a two-state solution.

However, the American attitude changed in 1995: Under Bill Clinton as president, Congress passed a law recognizing Jerusalem as the new capital and approving the relocation of the US embassy from Tel. . .

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Hamada Hamada Fajer
Hamada is a freelancer for New Time from Gaza.

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