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The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes
Regissør: Andrei Nekrasov

Were Norwegian documentary filmmakers tricked? Ny Tid investigates the allegations in a controversial film that NRK is now considering showing. 

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The Norwegian-produced documentary The Magnitsky Act – Behind the Scenes has created great debates. The film is about the Russian lawyer and announcer Sergei Magnitsky, who in 2008 died in Russian prison awaiting trial. Magnitsky revealed that people in the Russian Interior Ministry with the help of police stole billions of tax dollars.

The film is directed by Andrei Nekrasov and produced by the Norwegian company Piraya Film, and is financed with funding from the Norwegian Film Institute (3,4 million). In short, the documentary raises doubts about Sergei Magnitsky's role in the case, suggesting that Magnitsky himself was involved in the million dollars.

"Many falsehoods." Magnitsky worked for William "Bill" Browder, a hedge fund billionaire from the United States who established himself as an investor in Russia in the 1990s with the firm Hermitage Capital Management. It was when Magnitsky worked for Browder that together they uncovered tax evasion of NOK 1,8 billion – of which a large proportion has been transferred to tax havens and western countries, to real estate and other assets.

Magnitsky believed that after several searches of the offices of Hermitage Capital Management's Russia offices, Russian police handed over seized documents to organized criminals, who in turn used the material to take over three of Hermitage's Russian companies – and thus recovered $ 1,8 billion in previously paid taxes from the companies.

The staging of the abuse in the prison. © Piraya movie.

The widow after Sergei Magnitsky excludes Magnitsky himself from being involved in the scam:

"Sergei always followed the law, both on it. . .

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