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Every war is a war against children

I live. How children survive wars. A century portrait
DIPLOMA / The life stories of Ich lebe reflect some of the worst war scenes we know from the last century.

It starts with a picture. Eleven-year-old Amal, purple scarf around head and neck, dark green dress, hands on right hip, in front of a gray shimmering plastic foil wall. She seems almost coquettish, had it not been for the look. Amal looks with large, serious eyes directly into the camera, calmly and self-consciously, as if to say: “Look at me, a Syrian refugee, I live in a refugee camp in Lebanon, with no future perspective; I own nothing but my dignity."

This picture was the prelude to a project which in turn was the continuation of. . .

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Ranveig Eckhoff
Eckhoff is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid.

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