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Environmental scandal: Plan dumping of 30 million tonnes of mining waste in Repparfjord

While the rest of the world has discontinued dumping of mining waste in the sea, Norway is one of five ashore on the planet that continues to do so.

Before Christmas, the government will decide on what could be one of the biggest environmental scandals in Norway in recent times. In Kvalsund municipality in Finnmark, the company plans Nussir ASA to start a copper mine that is planned to dump 30 million tonnes of toxic mine sludge in Repparfjord. The mine will also make major interventions in an important area for reindeer husbandry, which is already strongly under pressure from the development of roads, cab fields and power lines. Sami Parliament and the Sami youth organization Noereh has been strongly committed to the mine as it threatens the environment and the foundation of Sami culture and traditional industries such as fishing and reindeer husbandry. The government can still avoid a major environmental and indigenous conflict, but then they must reject the mining plans for Repparfjord.

Salmon and cod are the trough

The Institute of Marine Research warns that mining dumps will cause major damage to life in the fjord. Repparfjord is a national salmon fjord, and beyond an important spawning area . . .

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