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Are you a human being?

The way we see – and do not see – the outside world is largely determined by the culture and society in which we grow up and are shaped. But is it possible to reveal our own blind spots in our day? asks author Hanne Ramsdal.

January 2019. I am in Porsgrunn, a city whose streets, sidewalks and public buildings are heated by surplus heat from Herøya industrial park. At night, Herøya is somewhat similar to the opening of Blade Runner from 1982, though Blade Runner takes place in Los Angeles. In the film's text it says that the action has been added to November 2019. In less than a year we will be where the movie starts. And that is why I can be here, in Porsgrunn, and see a lecture streamed directly from the National Library of Oslo, by Toril Moi about just Blade. . .

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Hanne Ramsdal
Ramsdal is a writer.

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