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Is EU resistance a right-wing project?

Claims are constantly emerging that the SV is soon the only left-wing party in Europe against the EU. But the fundamental criticism of the EU has always come from the left.


The Social Democratic parties have, to be sure, increasingly put aside what was former EU skepticism. But the most stubborn and stable defenders of the EU project have at all stages been civic center and right-wing parties.

In some countries, right-wing extremists and right-wing populist parties have gathered protest voters on aggressive and often nationalist-based EU criticism. But these parties are useless as witnesses to what the EU really is about.

The Social Democrats are giving up

Most social democratic parties in Western Europe were skeptical of the EU from the start. Most Social Democrats saw European integration as something that served large corporations and as a threat to the opportunity of center-left parties to implement real reforms at the national level.

In the 1980s, most social democratic parties changed their views on the EU. But at the same time, they also changed politics. . .

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