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Experience with NATO – 20 years after

OPINION AGAINST NATO: While NATO foreign ministers are gathering in Washington to give a toast to the alliance's excellence, public opinion against NATO is growing stronger in member countries.

In Denmark, a brochure has recently been published, «NATO position and documentation», which contains a number of important articles, information and quotations. One of the articles is written by Preben Wilhjelm and deals with the experiences with NATO, both in terms of relaxation and the relationship with the third world. It follows here in an abridged and revised edition. (ORIENTERING APRIL 12, 1969)

After twenty years of NATO membership, two experiences are particularly important when deciding on future security policy, and which are common to the two military blocs:

1) Whatever the purpose of the blocs, they are far more instruments for securing the dominance of the superpowers over their lesser allies, than instruments for common security towards the opposing party.

2) The relaxation we have, after all, experienced in Europe in the last ten years, has not come because of, but because of. . .

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