The Wind. A Documentary Thriller Director Michal Bielawski

A crescendo of anxiety

TATRA MOUNTAINS: The Wind is an evocative portrait of nature's incredible power and its touch of human life.

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Published: 2020-01-13
The Wind. A Documentary Thriller

Michal Bielawski (Poland)

The find wind, known as Halny, ravages the Polish and Slovak Tatra mountains several times each year. It is a wind that blows from the south, causes the temperature to rise and humidity to drop, and that comes with sudden gusts of wind causing great destruction of unimaginable magnitude. Trees - even entire forest areas - collapse, bridges collapse, and houses are smashed as a result of this wind. But in addition to the material devastation, the locals believe that the wind also has a supernatural ability to haunt people's minds.

Michal Bielawski's film follows the lives of three main characters in the Polish part of the Tatra Mountains. The film is an intense and evocative portrait of nature's incredible power and its touch of human life.

It is only a matter of time before the wind returns.

Their existence seems structured around the arrival of the wind - from the tension that builds up before it arrives, when hell breaks loose and disaster strikes, to the silence afterwards.

In a subtle way, Halny is also a character. It is a force to be reckoned with, and in the region it is regarded as something supernatural. Residents fear it and take their precautions. They also believe that the periods with Halny increase the number of suicides. This belief is so rooted in the local culture that several researchers have embarked on this theme. Their conclusion is that Halny itself did not increase the risk of suicide, but that the risk increased in the summer and fall.

The Wind. A Documentary Thriller
Director Michal Bielawski

An expected prophecy

A middle-aged female poet, a peasant grandfather with a mustache, and a young ambulance-employed woman live as they usually do. We see fragments of weekdays and moods that are both uneventful and intense. As the calls to the ambulance increase in number, the man takes care of his farm, while the poet is about to buy a piece of the area's beloved forest. But there is a sense of imminent danger in the air - and at any moment the storm can break. The power of nature preparing something, and all three characters get ready. The unexpected lies in the details - the clouds moving, the close-up of the texture of the tree,

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