"A murderous system"


The Swedish former chief editor and media major Arne Ruth is "appalled at how the Swedish authorities have treated the site Wikileaks' founder Assange for almost ten years now ”. Ruth has long management practice from Swedish major newspapers such as Dagens Nyheter. Based on one interview with the UN Nils Melzer in the Swiss magazine Republic (January 31) Ruth became interested in how the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture commented on the case:

"Melzer is facing strong charges Swedens and demands government response – as his UN mandate is designed. He has ruled that the lawsuit against Assange is based on deliberate, misleading allegations of rape. "

Conservative Swiss Neue Zürcher Zeitung also followed Sweden / Melzer with a smashing characteristic on February 4: "Sweden's investigation into the Julian Assange case gives no reason for pride for this Nordic country."

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