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A national ill-feeling

Today – three years after the last parliamentary election – the bourgeois government has manifested itself as Norway's biggest political scandal after Quisling. Indeed, the election was largely won on three promises: lower taxes, liquidation of housing benefits and (and this sounds incomprehensible in all countries that are not as technically underdeveloped as Norway) the elimination of the telephone shortage. Three years later, tax cuts have been achieved for the highest income groups, the telephone shortage is as it has been before, and housing needs are more devastating and more scary than ever before. The country is a haven for residential speculators. Never before has a Norwegian government so clearly revealed that the parties went to elections on promises they themselves knew were completely unsustainable.


Orientering June 15

Worse than this is the government's total colorlessness, its composition of political insignificance. It is, to quote Georg Johannesen, "not a government, but a rule of government". The term is utterly eerie. This bundle of casual and personality-exposed municipal politicians assembled into a "bourgeois
government ", is as gray and mournful as the management of an abstention association. The only exception to the government is the right of Foreign Minister John Lyng – who is then also commissioned to think of none other than Erling Falk, in the most revolutionary group in the Nordic region: Against Dag.

By the way, the "bourgeois government" has simply disappeared into the landscape – it is invisible. The whole story is so embarrassing that people are no longer talking about the government. Even communists and far-flung socialists can no longer mention it: after all, it is our country, and since every country gets the government it deserves, we ourselves are to blame for the family scandal. Alas, it is not a government, but simply a national ill-treatment. And one does not talk highly about self-inflicted diseases. At least in a country with such authoritarian national characteristics as Norway.

Instead, they talk about something completely different. During winter's endless and mournful, dark months, people and the press have been in a drug seizure of Olympic gold medals and world championships. Now it's over. The snow has melted

Then came the mesmerizing, all-encompassing world event: A prince of the Oldenborg tribe commits himself to a maid from the Manufacturing Merchant Pool. His sisters have previously shown a parallel interest in manufacturing dealers and ship owners. And that's fine. The bourgeois press is meeting for a long time. The weekly photo magazines look to the future with confidence. The world exists. The world will continue to exist.

Of course, it doesn't matter who Crown Prince Harald marries. For my sake he can often go to altars with the family's old cat.

"The people" – that is, the voters, the self-voting, voting (!) Norwegian people buy giant editions, they stare at the pictures of lace and uniforms, they buy more conservative magazines, stare at new pictures of more lace and more uniforms – they look in the air and then they buy another pile of leaves. – Those are deep thoughts.

You can learn something from that. You can learn what the voters really care about. You can learn what indescribable political unconscious the "people" live in. And you can learn why the Labor Party lost the last election: You have neglected the cultural, political and spiritual schooling, which is the prerequisite for getting people to think before being released the polls.

Of course, it doesn't matter who Crown Prince Harald marries. For my sake he can often go to altars with the family's old cat. He can marry Hedda Gabler or the bull Ferdinand if he wants to. There is no problem. What is a problem is that an enlightened people with a minimum of seven years of schooling – a people who can demonstrably read and write, are actually interested in such a thing.

After the royal-bourgeois engagement, the royal-bourgeois wedding will probably come soon. It will make everything fade. Already during the engagement, the press and television abolished the rest of the world: the country lived without the Vietnam War, without gold crises and gold medals. Everyone was happy and the dark blue, extremely reactionary Verdens Gang could publish ten pages of extra material about the world event, as well as interviews with the clergy, police chiefs and actors, who were all personally happy about Sonja Haraldsen's entrance. All the country's Sonjas will start a nationwide fundraiser that will become a gift to Sonja the Lucky. Yes, that's true!

Of course, the monarchy is a relic of the past. It is without the slightest meaning, and members of the royal family are only used to cut silk ribbons at trade fairs. In addition, the members of the Norwegian royal family are decidedly kind, sympathetic people. It sounds harmless.

But a look at the conservative daily and weekly press in Norway shows something completely different. It shows that the whole hallelujah is deliberately used as a sedative in the political struggle, as a piece in a veiled, un-fair, bourgeois-political game. The kingdom represents the "lasting" values ​​(the world domination of businessmen) and it contributes to the general dullness, which is the precondition for people to vote bourgeois.

So, in reality, one is faced with the kingdom as a reactionary party political tool, as a huge election poster for the Right.

It goes without saying that the word "republic" is once again relevant in Norway!

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Jens Bjørneboe
Author. Wrote in Ny Tids predecessor Orientering.

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