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A call for politicization in the Balkans

Education in Post-Conflict Transition. The Politization of Religion in School Textbooks
A new anthology does not ask, but to what extent the religious teaching in the Balkans is politicized. The editors, however, fail to argue what politicization means at all.

A year before Martti Ahtisaari received the Nobel Peace Prize, I had a ten-minute interview with the Finnish Social Democrat and UN peace broker. It was September 2007, and Ahtisaari was in Copenhagen for a conference to share his experiences from some of the world's most entrenched conflicts, including the status of Kosovo / Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia. Ahtisaari had spent the past year mediating between Serbia and the Albanian rebel army KLA. That the effort had been in vain and both Serbia and the KLA had rejected Ahtisaari's solution proposal, he was unaffected by: "My plan is good," he asserted, and moreover believed that all but Serbia and the KLA. . .

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Nina Trige Andersen
Trige Andersen is a freelance journalist and historian.

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