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A "close, close and good relationship with the United States"?

Last week, the newly appointed Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre went out against parts of the SV party program. Berge Furre thinks that Støre's US-friendly doctor resembles Jan Petersens and is unlucky for the new red-green government.

"A close, close and good relationship with the United States" warns Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre in Ny Tid in one of his first interviews on Norwegian foreign policy. .

I was very surprised by the word choice. Can the Foreign Minister really choose such words now? Can a relationship be "close, close and good" to a superpower that is waging a war of aggression – a war these people were and are against? Should this be a bottom line in Norwegian foreign policy?

Admittedly, the Foreign Minister adds a "as to all other countries". But the United States is not just any country. The wording is similar to Jan Petersen's.

And the wording goes sharply across the attitudes a broad peace movement has shown in this country by taking to the streets in the largest political demonstration we have seen in decades – a movement that forced Norway out of a war as conservative forces in that government enough would have liked to have. And a movement that put some of the planks under it says that got us. . .

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