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A new starting point for peace

The war in Lebanon is not just a battle for territory, but for the existence of Israel.


[Middle East] Haifa, Beirut and many other Lebanese and Israeli cities and villages are under fire. Who, a few weeks ago, would have thought it possible? Worldwide, the reaction to the images from Lebanon, Gaza and Israel has been shocking and disgusting.

It was, of course, well known that Hezbollah – which is rightly considered a terrorist group – had accumulated a stockpile of Katyusha rockets and long-range missiles. It was also no secret that Hezbollah operates as a state within the state, with its highly motivated private army and terrorist structure. It is Hezbollah – not the Lebanese authorities and their army – that has controlled the Lebanese-Israeli border since the Israeli withdrawal in 2000.

Although Hezbollah governs two Lebanese government ministers and several MPs, the group does not promote the interests of the Lebanese state. On the contrary, their interests are defined in Damascus and Tehran where much of the weapons come from. This external control is the main cause of the ongoing tragedy, which in reality is a so-called deputy war.

Who are the deputies for whom, and for what matter? Let us . . .

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