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A value choice!

The Right and the Krf sacrifice the rights of disabled people to save 49 million. From the turn of the year, the government deprived disabled children and adults of aids that were important both for physical and social activities, for educational purposes or to relieve pain. Among other things, they associated bicycles with auxiliary motor, digital cameras and trampolines, pressure-relieving mattresses and recliners for pain management.

- The tightening goes further than was allowed in the state budget, and is in my opinion contrary to the intentions of the National Insurance Act, says Gunnar Buvik, leader of the Norwegian Handicap Association, on NHF's website.

- Digital cameras are not something everyone can afford to buy either. Many parents of disabled children are forced to work little or nothing because the public assistance system fails, and also has a number of extra expenses that are not covered by the public sector either. Now the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has inflicted on them even more extra expenses for aids that are of great educational, social and health significance, says Buvik.

Digital cameras are a key tool in the training of alternative communication where children are unable to speak for themselves or have late developed language. This applies . . .

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