Theater of Cruelty

After the bombs

"I would rather die than dig my children out of the ruins," says Mahmoud Younis (49) in Gaza City. Before the war broke out 8. July, farmers in Rafah sold roses to Europe. Now the dead children put in the cold room instead.
There was a ceasefire on Monday, but the conflict continues, reports Ny Tid's correspondent in the Gaza Strip. "Israel is receiving support from Arab countries such as Egypt to end Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood," said analyst Adnan Abu Amer.


GAZA. Most people do not know. But the only thing exported to the United States and Europe from the Gaza enclave, which stretches over an area of ​​the 360 kilometer coastline, is roses and flowers.

But as some Palestinians comment on here in Gaza City now, after the summer war and the ceasefire on Monday 4. August: On the other hand, the Palestinians do not import anything from these states, except death, which is delivered at the door via unlimited support to Israel from the US and EU countries in the form of arms exports and financial support.

A few weeks ago, farmers on the east side of Rafah, located in the southern Gaza Strip, packed red roses, carnations and damask roses. They cut the stalks, packed and refrigerated to be shipped to the UK, the Netherlands and the US.


Roses away

But if you go for a walk in a neighborhood in Rafah today, it no longer smells of flowers, but of burnt corpses and gray smoke columns rising from the gravel from hundreds of icy-bombed concrete houses. Over the weekend, the undersigned journalist in Rafah saw hundreds of panicked people seeking refuge in hospitals and UN schools, hoping to escape Israel's artillery and air strikes. Attacks that had been going on since 8. July, for 30 days in a row, and killed over 400 people in this small town.

Farmer Hamdi Qeshta (36) stands there laying the bodies of children and women in the freezer, where the roses should have been laid. The morgue in the Kuwaiti hospital in Rafah is full. The alternative is the freezer.


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