CLUJ-NAPOCA – The shots rang in Mara Mure-skoven that October evening, and they reverberated throughout Romania. family Father Liviu Pop, a 30-year-old local forest officer, had been overpowered and shot with his own rifle as he tried to prevent a criminal gang from felling a protected forest area. Just the month before was another forest bailiff, the 50-year-old Raducu Gorcioia, also the father of three, was chopped to death with an ax after he surprised a group of three thieves further east.

The bestial murders of innocent forest forests in the fall are the preliminary culmination of a conflict that – unlike forest land – has grown larger and larger. The causes of the conflict are money and power, and the Romanian trees are like gold and green forests for Romanian mafia groups and corrupt companies that run illegal logging and sell the timber to the highest bidder across Europe.

And in the middle of it all, surrounded by the criminal mafiaconflict in Romania's forests, operates a worldwide company, IKEA. The Swedish furniture giant relies on cheap logging. Every year produces IKEA about 100 million affordable furniture sold worldwide.

Loggers. Photographer DanialOpait, Agent Green
The loggers. Photographer Danial Opait, Agent Green

The Swedes' presence in Romania began in 2015, when the company entered into a quite conspicuous. . .

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