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Eternity policy

ABOUT UKRAINE (FROM THE ROAD TO FREEDOM). Putin claims the legacy of World War II
UKRAINE / What is the influence of the philosopher Ivan Ilyin on Putin's politics? Today, information warfare is at least as important as military warfare.

Da Timothy Snyder's book The Road to Unfreedom came out in 2018, there were many who wrinkled their noses. In the book, it was stated crystal clear that Russia would invade Ukraine and would not be content with invading the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Lohansk. Equally crystal clear, it was claimed that the US election in 2016 was manipulated by the Russians.

It has now been four years, and many today have highlighted the book as unusually far-sighted. When I reviewed the book in MODERN TIMES in 2018, I particularly emphasized the relationship between Russia and the country's influence on the American election, but wrote little about Russia's relationship with Ukraine.

Now this part of the book has come out in a separate publication, called About Ukraine, with a cover that is blue with a yellow stripe in the middle. In other words, the same color as the Ukrainian flag.

As Snyder predicted

The opening of this small publication, which should preferably not be read alone, but as a foretaste of the entire book, states: "Russia's devastating war against Ukraine must be met not only with resistance, but also. . .

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