An example of the invaluable value of free art

Torild Street's charcoal drawing of the view from Twin Towers will be part of the permanent collection at the 9 / 11 Memorial Museum at Ground Zero in New York next month.

Just weeks after the 9 / 11 tragedy, I was standing in a gallery in Oslo so tightly packed that it was difficult to move. Dumbfounded, I considered a huge, judgmental charcoal drawing of the view from the lost Twin Towers. The atmosphere in the room was surreal – the perspective New York had just lost was suddenly here.

New York Metamorphosis was created during Torild Stray's Artist-in-Residence stay in the World Trade Center at the end of the 1990 century. The studio was in 91. floor, but the view of the work is from 85. story.

What makes a Norwegian artist want to draw the panoramic view from the World Trade Center with charcoal on cold-pressed paper? Torild Stray is sitting on a train in a quiet compartment and would prefer to take the interview. . .

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