How to film human trials and struggles war? When the necessary technology is widespread and the methods of documenting one's own experiences are more accessible than ever, each new crisis or conflict brings with it a stream of documentary films. It is perhaps only natural that we see a shift away from the notion of making the definitive film from any conflict to a more personal view of the lives of the affected people, given the large volume of documentation.

Such films often leave political analysis in the background, and rather let us immerse ourselves in individuals' experiences and their most basic desire: to live in a predictable and safe society.

human destiny

Some of last year's strongest documentary about the war in syria is about people under siege, and each film is as compelling and heartbreaking as the next in portraying human endurance and strength in difficult conditions. It's not about picking out the best movie, for every single human being catches the attention and makes the movie stand out: Tim Alsiofi made the short film Douma Underground as he sought refuge from the bombs along with his relatives in the basement. Waad al-Kateab filmed five years of resistance in the film For the same, married and had children under constant danger in Aleppo.

Stage Manager Feras Fayyad, who made the movie Last Men in Aleppo whether the White helmets are relevant The Cave, which shows the struggles and challenges of daily life there We follow Amani Ballour, a female doctor and hospital manager in eastern Ghoua on the outskirts of Damascus as the city is bombed and Russian planes threaten in the sky.

Fayyad was imprisoned and tortured by the Assad regime in 2001, and now lives in Denmark. Ghouta was unavailable to him, and he therefore recruited three cameramen to film inside the hospital and had the footage smuggled out. Next, the footage was edited into a film documenting a courageous commitment to what Syria once was, made for future generations who may return to. . .

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