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Caught in the tigers' claws in Norway

Outside his home in Oslo, he was threatened with a gun late one night. The message was crystal clear: If you don't stop criticizing the Tamil tigers, your days are counted. While Norway mediates in Sri Lanka, the Tamil tigers use Norway as a base of power to collect "revolutionary taxes".


[blackmail] Next week, the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and the Sri Lankan authorities will meet for peace talks in Geneva. Norway and Foreign Minister Erik Solheim have in recent years sought to play a crucial role in ending the conflict, which has resulted in over 60.000 lives lost.

But in Oslo, Tamil Rashasingam Sivarajah sits fearing the death sentence of the notorious guerrilla leader of the Tamil Tigers: Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The LTTE leader is wanted worldwide by Interpol, including for the assassination of India's Rajiv Gandhi. In recent months, violence in Sri Lanka has only increased. The Tamil Tigers from northern Sri Lanka are on the list of terrorist organizations in a large number of countries, such as the United States, Great Britain,. . .

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