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Wonderful fabrications

A farmer in Nord-Troms gives the sheep their mobile phones. It can make your sci-fi dream come true.

[atoms] In the latest Superman movie, the villain Lex Luthor tries to create a new continent by building crystals atom by atom. Under the motto "how to make almost anything" – "researchers at the Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MiT) in the United States, will create the technology that can make Luthors dream possible.

The man behind the idea and director of the CBA, Neil Gerhsenfeld, believes the next scientific revolution will come in what he calls personal fabrication. In the book Fab: The Coming Revolution on Your Desktop – From Personal Computers to Personal Fabrication, he explains how the production of technology, which is now carried out in large factories, can be done at home at the desk, by each individual consumer.

science fiction?

As the PC made computer technology affordable and accessible at home with each one, Gershenfeld will make fabrication something that everyone can do. The goal is to be able to build things from the atomic level. "Finally, we want Star Trek-like molecular production facilities, which can make anything from scratch," Gershenfeld said in an interview with Computerworld magazine last year.

So far, this is science fiction, Gershenfeld himself has stated that it will take 20 years before we have. . .

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