Fascinating about fascism

Fascism. An introduction to comparative studies
IDEOLOGY / Do we know enough about fascism to understand it?

"Do we see any similarities from pre-war fascism to today's European populists and Trump in the United States?"

What did Beevor answer? I'm going to put you on the bench and take a detour with a fresh book. Dreyer's Publishers has an excellent series they call Dreyer Perspective, where they highlight important phenomena in easy-to-understand and exciting releases. Now the trip has come to fascism, and the publisher has translated an overview of current knowledge of fascism and fascism research. The author is no where at all: Roger Griffin is professor emeritus of modern history and political theory at Oxford Brookes University and a leading academic in the field.

What is fascism?

Griffin takes us on a journey from 1919 to today, from the start of fascism in Italy to today's internet fascism and the white-power movement. But what exactly is fascism? We all know that, don't we?

The question has been a driving force in Griffin's academic career. Through numerous books and publications, he has helped to establish the field of comparative. . .

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