In the previous issue of MODERN TIMES I wrote about Netflix series Messiah, which deals with how Jesus might have been received if he returned in our time. Not least, science-fiction stories are often based on thought experiments that can be formulated with an introductory "what if", I wrote then – despite the fact that the series in question does not necessarily fall within this genre.

Though thought experiments and speculations are an essential part of the nature of fiction in general. Nonetheless, this applies to some types of fiction to a greater extent than others, especially those that are classified as "speculative fiction". The term includes science fiction, fantasy and so-called "alternative history" – stories that are based on whether history had taken a different direction. In the latter sub-category you will find the fresh HBO series The Plot Against America, which is based on Philip Roth's 2004 novel of the same name.

Isolationism and anti-Semitism

The series takes place in the United States in the early 40's and is about a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey. In the alternative story described here, the pilot and folk hero Charles Lindbergh wins the presidential election. . .

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