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Fear and loathing in liquid Las Vegas

Parliament's Question Time: Erna Solberg promises measures on refugee crisis in the Mediterranean: "Norway will ship." Norwegian Cruise Line leaves Barcelona for weeks.


The ship sucked in the sea. The sea gets lower in front of the ship. This is how the Sicilians see the ship coming minutes before it arrives. Then the waves come. Oval rings around the boat. They reach almost all the way to Africa. We are between continents and container ships – on the sea that bind parts of the world to the same value. On the road from crisis area to Europe. Europe was hopeful. Sicilia. The ship is approaching. We sleep, eat, wait. We are far from home, far from what gives us identity. "Value" becomes "we". That's why we're here. We couldn't have done this alone. But we long for a room of our own. We slept too little, and woke up in warm rooms with no windows. We drink liquor to keep illnesses away, and keep the sun out. We go and go. The soles of the feet are hurt by endless nights of dancing and food. We eat whatever we want whenever we want. We come to new cities every day. Yesterday: Rome. Tomorrow, Mallorca.

There are refugee boats to Sicily every day. During the period most people come from Eritrea. For a while, most Syrians were. They come from Libya and other North African countries, and from the west coast of Africa. "It's a complex situation," says Erna Solberg. There are also migrants: “Those who are looking for better conditions for themselves and theirs. And those who are fleeing war and crises. "

People are pushing to get rid of "Epic" and join the city. I have the pool for myself. Nearly. One child is pissing in the water. He jumps in the pool he pisses in. At once, the cruise ship pisses in the Mediterranean. Northern Boar pollution for the entire globe. Climate crisis is compound. And simple: It's about to go very wrong.

As in Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. The film animates Ralph Steadman's DIY trash-ink drafting method. But the film version of Gonzo became "Gonzo", and Steadman "Steadman". Gonzo became a style, and Steadman bought from a vineyard on the continent. The artist became an illustrator. From filling the libertine bohemian mansion, he became a bourgeois food and wine bar drawing graphic reports from the epicyric High Court: French chateaus. I throw stones from glass houses with this report from a boat on the Mediterranean. Sad, but true: This was my mother's wish on her 60th birthday.

Tomas Espedal called one time writers for "the new nobility". Because we travel, cage in hotels and go to publishing parties with free bar. I tried to confirm the myth with a week at the Norwegian Epic in the Mediterranean. After all, it's so hard to see from the outside.

"Earth"? No. "Sea." "The blue planet," we say no. One extra name. Because we did not know when we named the earth – that it is blue. Apollo sent the first picture of the globe from the world room. It became evident to all the choirs he was beautiful, but also how vulnerable he was. Between Mars and Jupiter. Third closest to the sun. Unlike the other stone planets, our rock is covered with water. Just three percent of the water is freshwater. Only one percent of the freshwater is available as drinking water. Most of the fresh water is bottom up like ice in Antarctica. If we channeled the available fresh water and used it smartly, no one would thirst.

Life in a nutshell: Covering primary needs for me and my loved ones. And then be kind to each other. It is difficult to please if no primary needs are covered. We become a petty physician. We will not share what we have. This is some of what happens to us when we are not safe. We must remain safe. We are no safer than the unsafe joint. We are no stronger than the weakest link. When the northern boroughs consume and contaminate, then we take off the southern boroughs. When the southern inhabitants cannot afford sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyles, the climate problem becomes global.

In the middle of it all is the Mediterranean. Cruise should be a great way to see it – before it's too late. Voyage watch on sunbed. Between meals and excursions: nutrition, driver's license, cradle to sleep.

Cruise should be a fantastic experience model. To be taken from port to port. But. Trip Advisors customers share experiences from the ship "Epic": "Not so epic," write in, and complain about queues to get on board and queues for the best tables for dinner. They complain that the lunch is similar to dinner. That pool is for small and spa department animals. The corridors are too long and the boat too big. There are too many people there and they hire too busy. They don't have time to be really polite, complains one guest, who finishes with a smile: "Fortunately, it is easy to get off the boat. A small queue to check out, and a decent boat ride to port. "

It's a desperate "last trip" everywhere.

The flight ticket home costs a pair of socks. The plane has a free magazine. In May, the main report from Las Vegas. neon city. It's about neon signs. Not ironic but enthusiastic about the bright colors. Signs become legendary: Vegas Vic 1951 (Pioneer Club casino), Moulin Rouge 1955 (for the first hotel casino in the United States where African Americans also entered), Boulder Club 1945 (arguably the first "spectacular neon"). Blank jugs were rocket science: The sign at Stardust Hotel Casino was inspired by the satellite Sputnik, and switched to technology from atomic blasting in the Nevada desert. It gave signs of a flash that was visible ten miles on the crush of the desert. At that time, it was considered futuristic, imaginative – and otherwise seen as opposed to kitsch and cliche. Las Vegas uses billions to preserve iconic signs. One floating Las Vegas: "Norwegian Epic." Neon signs color a boat where customers are chalky at departure. Bright red and sunburnt on arrival. Sure unclear: a neon hell. For happy girls and guys: A city where lamps never go out. Where one always walks in lighted corridors, on luminous decks.

But why I still don't feel safe here. I have a titanic mood. It has nothing to do with the interior, boat shape, the clientele's clothing or the music played in the lounge and for dancing. It's a desperate "last trip" everywhere. Everything, from the boat to the boat to the boat through the dining rooms, is stressful and manic. It's always Embrace Embrace- full-volume music over the facility, and always someone can buy extra.

A middle-aged guy and his young thaidama pass by, and to marketability space. He buys himself a t-shirt. On the bridge: Norwegian Cruise Line. On the back: We dunked them. We robbed them. We queried them. What are they driving, Norwegian Cruise Line? It's tasteless. And Norwegian Cruise Line should have woken us up to remind us that they did Robbers. Norwegian Cruise Line exploits all forms of game madness and addiction. Even the gym in the gym has games. The alternative: TV shop. Over the plant goes Madonnas Material Girl. On this boat everything is for sale, and what one needs most, like the internet, costs the most. As one complains: "Hold your breath! Here, oxygen per day is calculated. And sends bill! ” That's not true. Unfortunately it turned out. We could give the money to those who needed it more than us. It is also to give to the great "we". We are in the same boat.

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