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Fear of civil war

Ukraine's literary shooting star Serhij Zjadan believes the country's political leadership has failed society. It may cause more blood in the streets of Kiev.

Two years after the start of the Euromajdan revolution and a year and a half after Petro Poroshenko was elected president, disappointment and anger have taken root in Ukrainian society. The government's promises of reform and modernization are not being followed by action, and people's patience is running out, says Ukrainian author Serhij Zjadan.
It can create a fatal situation.
“The dissatisfaction is growing, the demands of the population towards the authorities are getting tougher, and the efforts are getting higher. The fact that the power apparatus does not understand this can mean that it is going completely wrong. I am afraid it will end in bloodshed, in a real civil war with great human losses, ”says Zjadan.
He believes Ukraine's residents are in a psychologically difficult situation where the "betrayal from the authorities" will no longer be tolerated.
"We have lost many people, a lot of blood has flowed, and everyone is exhausted. At the same time, we experience that the authorities stand in the way. . .

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