The fathers have fought, the mothers are right 

Camilla Fossum Pettersen: Sabbatical sabotage. Norwegian fathers share their stories Aschehoug 

Camilla Fossum Pettersen gives with the book Togetherness sabotage. Norwegian fathers share their stories a gloomy insight into what many fathers talk about in both open and closed online forums because they often do not reach the court system and public offices in child distribution cases. The author has interviewed fathers who have fought years of struggles with both the mothers of their children and with the system to achieve decent visitation arrangements. From the first page, she is clear on her point of view, and the book can at times seem conspiratorial with its macabre stories about fathers 'lack of legal security and mothers' methods of social sabotage. But Fossum Pettersen has obtained thorough background information from a broad field that works with the problem on a daily basis and is a witness to the abuse of our welfare and legal system. As of today, a mother can make false accusations that a father is violent, and the father can be cleared in court without any legal consequences for him. . .

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