Feminism is a dirty concept

To Exist is to Resist: Black Feminism in Europe
Forfatter: Akwugo Emejulu, Francesca Sobande
Forlag: (Storbritannien)
BLACK FEMINISM: A new anthology on black feminism in Europe gathers ideas and experiences from a struggle that has been in the shadow of its American counterpart for far too long.

I once worked as a student on a Danish research project, and when I started, I was looking forward to the prospect of being incorporated into an academic environment with the romanticized ideals that come with it. It was largely fulfilled, too, until one day I was looking for a colleague's office space. I logically went to the institution's info desk and inquired about the location. After a little skeptical key behind the screen, I was told that it was not information, «you just gave anyone». And then the secretary otherwise returned to his daily dont. I had entered the institution as an employee, but joined in with a snap. . .

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