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The insult (original: L'insulte)
Directed by Ziad Doueiri

insult has already received numerous awards, including the Golden Lion in Venice, and was nominated for an Oscar this year for Best Foreign Language Film. insult opens Arab movie days, which takes place in Oslo 20. – 22. April, and director Ziad Doueiri will be present at the opening. insult comments on the religious and political situation in Lebanon. The action in this thriller drama starts as a dispute between a Christian Lebanese homeowner and a Palestinian worker, who is also a refugee. The dispute escalates to a confrontation that is brought to justice, which has consequences both human and political. The film has an ordinary Norwegian premiere in November.

Directed by Andrea Palleoro
Belgium / France / Italy

The Norwegian cinema audience can also look forward to the drama Hannah starring Charlotte Rampling, with the Norwegian premiere in April. Rampling plays an elderly woman who experiences her husband being imprisoned, and it is the contrast between the quiet everyday life she continues to live even after he is imprisoned, and the abusive husband is accused of being central to this film. Under the outer frame lies the powerful recognition process Hannah is "forced" to go through, for how long can she tacitly accept his version of the case, without knowing for sure what is true? During the 2017 Venice Film Festival, Rampling received the Volpi Cup award for starring in Hanna.

Directed by Jennifer Peedom

The Australian director became known to a larger audience when she made the documentary in 2009 solo about a kayak crossing from Tasmania to New Zealand. In 2015, her first movie about mountains came, sherpa. The film was created during the snowfall in Mount Everest in April 2014, where falling ice blocks took the lives of sixteen Nepalese mountain guides. Her new documentary, which appears in Norwegian cinemas from April, is also about mountains. Actor Willem Dafoe, who is praised for his efforts in the cinematic drama The Florida Project, has the narrator's voice in this. Behind Mountain is 2000 hours of raw footage and travels to the mountains in fifteen countries. With this year's documentary, Peedom will explore why mountains have such a mysterious attraction to us. The documentary is based on the book Mountains of the Mind by Robert McFarlane.

Old Marine Boy
Director: Jin Mo-young
South Korea

In 2013 came the documentary My Love, Don't Cross That River, about a Korean couple who had been married for 76 years. With Old Marine Boy follows up the director to take the pulse of Korea again in 2017. We meet Park Myong and his family, who eleven years ago fled from North Korea to South Korea, and who still have not found a solid foothold in their new homeland. Father Myong works as a diver on the border between north and south, the work includes catching squid. Every day this is a dangerous job, his diving suit weighs a full sixty kilos, and in the sea he is only connected to a fragile line with oxygen up to the surface. The documentary will have its European premiere at the Visions du Réel film festival in Nyon, Switzerland in April.

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