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Generation Wealth
Directed by Lauren Greenfield

"I know the names of all the Kardashians better than my neighbors," says a boy of about 18 years in the documentary Generation Wealth by filmmaker and photographer Lauren Greenfield. In the movie, we also meet a dog owner who has given his pet plastic surgery. Here there is a lot of gold, expensive bags and generally full focus on the exterior. The film is not primarily about the rich, but about our desire to be and to be rich, says the filmmaker. For more than 25 years, Greenfield has been working on this documentary, which is always able to get close to those she meets. Along the way, she has also made other films with themes related to looks and potential happiness. Generation Wealth can be seen on Amazon Prime. 

Greenfields is displayed at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo Generation Wealthphotographs up to 17. August. 

White Mama (Bela Mama)
Directed by: Zosyia Rodkevich and Evgeniya Ostanina

During the Krakow Film Festival this spring became the movie White mama set for the European Film Prize 2018. The film portrays Alina, who has six children from a previous relationship with an Ethiopian man. Together with her new husband, Sergei, she would like to adopt a Russian boy, but this boy is struggling with major mental problems. We do not know so much about his family background other than that he has been in an orphanage and has great adjustment difficulties. Alina is patient and warm and appears to be just the mother who can help Daniil become a harmonious family member, but the road to it is anything but simple. The film portrays very well how alone Alina is, with a man who neither manages to be a good role model nor support for his wife. Daniil is also so demanding and challenging that the rest of the siblings flock away from him; he demands Alina's attention so much that the other siblings are overlooked. Despite this, the love between the mother and the other children is very strong. White mama is a touching and, after all, uplifting movie to watch. A film I highly recommend and hope will be available to a large Norwegian audience.   

Happening – A Clean Energy Revolution
Directed by: James Redford

James is the son of actor and director Robert Redford, and his film on renewable energy is on HBO Nordic's streaming service. Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo, known from The Avengers, participates in the film and is, like Redford, an animal protection activist and advocate for solar energy. Redford has stated that happening are designed to show Americans what grips they can take. Most people are aware of the climate threat, he says, but how can we only cover our energy needs with renewable energy? Is it at all possible? During the film, Redford renewed his belief in the value of actively participating in local politics. Under the tab "take action" on the film's website (Happeningthemovie.com), a number of suggestions are also presented that we can benefit from addressing.

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