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The Future of Iraq
Directed by Thee Yezen Al-Obaide
Norway / Iraq

This card documentary made by Al-Obaide allows us to meet three children from Iraq, who know nothing but living in a state of war. Woven into the meetings with the children are the poems of a female poet from their own homeland, Nazak Al-Malaika (1923 – 2007). Director Al-Obaide himself fled Iraq and Norway as a youth, and has first-hand knowledge of his theme. The Future of Iraq appears during the short film festival in Grimstad 13. – 17. June. For more information about the festival and the films being shown, see

Directed by Jesper Ganslandt

Oslo Pix is ​​hosted at several of the capital's cinemas between 4. and 10. June. The films are from North America and Europe, focusing on the Nordic countries. One of the Nordic contributions is Swedish Jimmie. "Ganslandt himself plays the lead role, as a father on the run in a war-ravaged Sweden and Europe, with his four-year-old son on his arm (played by his own son Hunter). We follow them on several different schedules, in ever-changing landscapes. Because everything is portrayed through Jimmy's gaze, the escape becomes more confusing and fragmented – but also more beautiful, more exciting and fascinating. And maybe even closer to the truth. ”(Oslo Pix's review of the film.)

Directed by Karen Winther

At Oslo Pix, director Karen Winther's film about deradicalization will also: Exit, see you later. From the program agreement, we read: “Director Karen Winther embarks on a personal journey through her past and into the present in search of answers to what has caused a handful of violent extremists to opt out of violence and hatred. Through her travels to Germany, France, Denmark and the United States, Karen encounters unpleasant truths linked to her own past as an extremist. What opportunities are there for people who want to break out of violent extremist environment? ”

The Rape of Recy Taylor
Directed by Nancy Buirski

The documentary is about Recy Taylor, who was raped 24 years old. This was back in Alabama in 1944. Recy was African American, the abusers of white youth who escaped. The film opens up to a history lesson about the oppression African American women suffered, most women did not dare speak highly of the abuses. Recy did not even conceal what she had experienced. The documentary uses many archival footage to show African Americans' struggle for a more just society, including clips of activists Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. The Rape of Recy Taylor has been shown at several international film festivals this spring, and is also available online, more information can be found on the film's website:

Kaisa Ytterhaug
Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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