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Loving Vincent
Directed by: Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchmans
Poland / United Kingdom / USA

It has taken seven years to make a full-length feature film about painter Vincent Van Gogh's life (30.03.1853 – 29.07.1890). The film is now going to Norwegian cinemas. Filmweb writes: "Loving Vincent is the world's first production that is fully oil-animated and has employed 150 various artists who together have helped to paint and put together the film's 65 000 images. The result is a colorful, fascinating and touching tale, about creator joy, passion and despair. "Biff.no writes:" The film starts after Van Gogh's death, and deals with young Armand Roulin's attempt to figure out how a man goes from absolute peace of mind to to commit suicide in six short weeks. Roulin is a historical figure who has modeled van Gogh several times, and his investigation guides the audience through 130 of the artist's paintings. ”

Concerto for Two
Directed by Tomasz Drozdowicz

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The Krakow Film Festival takes place from 27.05 to 03.06, and the opening film is not surprisingly Polish. Violinist Arve Tellefsen has been on stage with conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk, and Maksymiuk has recorded the record with music by Edvard Grieg. The film portrays the Polish conductor, who is also a pianist and composer, and, according to the review, also shows his unique relationship with his wife Ewa. Where Maksymiuk is a master of the scene, it is his wife who masters everyday life best. She makes small and big decisions on her husband's behalf, so he can do what he does best: to create musical magic. The film Concerto for Two will also compete for two award documentary awards this year, both the high-hanging DocFilmMusic and in the Polish competition itself.

Next II Mine
Directed by: Prince JOE

Next II Mine is made by New Visionsgate Film and is a short film of 23 minutes. It is about the love that arises between the two who come from different parts of the world. The film sheds light on, and will show, respect for, blend culture – individually and generally in society. The film addresses an important and timely theme. Next II Mine is one of fourteen Norwegian films selected for the 2018 Short Film Corner, which is a sub-festival during the Cannes festival. The short film festival lasts from 14. to 19. May, the Cannes festival itself is already underway from 8. May.

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