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Seeing Allred
Directed by Sophie Sartain and Roberta Grossman.
USA 2018.

Netflix documentary on attorney Gloria Allred's career. Allred (born 1941) has brought many famous men to court, and the cases against actor Bill Cosby take a big place in the documentary. The cases were outdated when Allred was contacted, but the lawyer invited one press conference after another, so the women also had an opportunity to tell their story. The documentary portrays a lawyer with a fiery commitment and work for women's rights, as well as for other groups that have not been heard and seen in the United States, such as African Americans and LGBT. Allred has been on the barricades for these groups for more than forty years, direct and fearless in his conduct, and the 76 year-old shows no signs of retiring. Where Allred reflects on the historical significance of the women's struggle in the United States, and its importance to herself, are moments that give the documentary an extra boost.

Lost Warrior
Directed by: Nasib Farah & Søren Steen Jespersen.
Somalia, Kenya, Denmark, England 2018.

One of the most exciting films of the main Copenhagen Docs competition in mid-March seems to be Lost Warrior directed by Nasib Farah & Søren Steen Jespersen. The film has its world premiere during the festival. Danish Steen Jespersen was also involved in the documentary Last Men in Aleppo which won many awards at various film festivals last year and is featured in the main competition during the HUMAN International Film Festival in Oslo in March. Lost Warrior follows Somali Mohammad, who lived in England from the age of three until he was nineteen, but was then expelled and sent back to Somalia. In Somalia he ends up in the clutches of the terrorist group Al-Shabab, but breaks with the group and falls in love with a girl from Somalia, Fathi, who now lives in England. Fathi is in Somalia to be "recovered". She and Mohammad are getting married. Fathi goes home to England pregnant, while Mohammad is unlawful. Will they be reunited?

Golden Dawn Girls (Cradle of Hat)
Directed by: Håvard Bustnes.
Norway, Greece 2017.

The film will be shown at the HUMAN International Film Festival in Oslo in March, and will be part of the festival's competition program for best Norwegian documentaries. The regular Norwegian premiere is April 6. The action takes us to Greek politics and inside the right-wing party Gyllent Daggry, through a portrait of three women: mother, daughter and wife. These three women take over the leadership of the party while the men are in jail, accused of starting a criminal organization. We follow the events of 2012 and the party became the country's third largest in the 2015 elections.

Living in the Future's Past
Directed by Susan Kucera
USA 2018.

Documentary filmmaker Susan Kucera has again made a film focusing on increased awareness. In 2010, she directed Trading on Thin Air, about big companies and their profits on environmental protection. In 2014 came Breath of Life where Kucera did a series of interviews with researchers in various fields about where the road is going for humanity, as she has continued to Living in the Future's Past. The documentary takes us around the globe and to all the beauty that is everywhere around us, while actor Jeff Bridges reads the comments. "Could the answer be inside us?" "What world do we want, and are we willing to contribute to that reality?" asks Bridges. The film had its world premiere during the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California, USA in February.

Kaisa Ytterhaug
Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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