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Film Noir that triggers reading pleasure

Regissør: Pablo Larrain

Spectacular and glamorous genre tribute with the Cold War as the backdrop: Chile's national poet Pablo Neruda is chased by the authorities during dramatic days in 1948.

Famous Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larrain, internationally known for What (2016), has now returned to his favorite themed Chilean politics, and entertained in a feature film based on real events: Socialist President González Vidal turns against his former allies and bans the Communist Party PCCh in 1948 under pressure from the United States. The backdrop is as colorful as the movie: President Vidal also wants to ally with the wealthy landowners and the right-wing side as well as remove any pretext for military coup. In doing so, he breaks promises of social reform and cuts down on the labor movement.

The paradox of Neruda. In the midst of this buzzing and hot time color, we find the poet Pablo Neruda, senator of the Communist Party. He tips the pen and agitates for illegal strikes, and he uses international media to insult the president. At the same time, he willingly proclaims from his well-known love poems to cheering audience. This makes it boil around the poet – who loves the attention.

The film is as much about Neruda's self-staging and personal paradoxes as it is about government. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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