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Feeling out of poverty

Norwegian agents are increasingly traveling to poor countries to sniff out football talents. With that, Norwegian football is changing, while the young boys are investing in the future to participate in Europe's football industry.


[football] "Edu, Edu, Edu!"

The colorful boy gang from Bjørndal, a drab town southeast of Oslo, is calling the beat-up nickname of its great hero: Chinedu Obasi Ogbuke. Meanwhile, the Nigerian Lightning striker defends Brann's defense. Alone with the keeper, he puts the ball first in the post before he dunks it safely into the goal on the return. The guys in the stands are exploding.

- Edu is the reason why we cheer on Lyn. He is superb.

- He has a game understanding.

- Really good ball technique.

- And he represents all of us foreigners.

New colonial period

- In recent years, we have seen how the year loss of players from south to north has become even clearer. The new thing is that Norwegian clubs have also become more active in their search for talent from poor countries, says Johannes Nymark.

He has written the book Verdas. . .

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