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The airport you never leave

Regissør: Karim Ainoush
(Tyskland, Frankrike, Brasil)

Tempelhof, the former German pride and architectural gem of an airport, has been given new life as a refugee reception.


"I used to wake up to the songs of Fairuz and the smell of fresh coffee."

The statement to the young boy at the beginning of the movie gives me the feeling of being there, present, as he hums and smiles drinking the hot coffee his mother made. A life, a family, a home in a small Syrian border village still lives in his memories. Now he is here, at Tempelhof Airport, the ancient German pride and architectural gem. Messages are still being shouted over the speakers in many languages; now they no longer apply to departure and arrival, but influenza vaccines.

reuse Hall

The barren airport, with its majestic grandeur, creates an even stronger sense of homelessness among those who are here indefinitely. They dream back to their homeland, recreating old memories until they are used up. Hot summers fade quickly in the face. . .

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Ellen Lande
Lande is a film writer and director and a regular writer for Ny Tid.

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