UN states: Far from banning killing robots

WEAPONS OF THE FUTURE: Human Rights Watch has issued a report on the regulation of autonomous weapons. What will determine the wars of the future?

Harang is leader of the Norwegian Peace Team.

Artificial intelligence is in the wind like never before. The potential of the technology is discussed Arendalsuka as on all other key broadcasters for socially engaged expression. Artificial intelligence is recognized as a crucial technology in the fight against the ongoing Corona epidemic. And that was all that was missing. Is it at all conceivable to take effective countermeasures against the next pandemic without extensive use of artificial intelligence? The potential for infection detection, global surveillance of outbreaks and identification of infected people is enormous. A lot of suffering can of course be avoided if we use such technology in a good way.

At the same time as artificial intelligence is being established as the central technological answer to challenges from poverty reduction to climate change, the question of regulating this technology seems to be getting a bit in the way. Privacy statements regarding infection tracing here at home are an example of this. The technology has a potential upside so enormous in most areas of society that the world is understandably impatient to use the technology. When the need is so great and immediately you get to first develop the technology, before you seek to regulate it?

In most cases, such a thought may make sense, but there are a number of exceptions to artificial intelligence. The road to the surveillance community is short. We already know the challenges of democracy. Sector by sector, it may also be that the technology is simply too powerful, and potentially socially revolutionary, for us to be able to take over…

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