Theater of Cruelty

The people against the coat cabinets

Cold days with freezing breath and ice on the roads. Winter is here and we bring out our warmest clothes. Fortunately, there are little minks and foxes that surround the bodies in the street scene. 


According to a new opinion poll conducted by the Animal Welfare Alliance, fewer than one in ten Norwegians have gone to the purchase of real fur clothing in the last five years. As many as four in five who have an opinion on the matter say that it is wrong to farm animals in cages for fur.

"Out" in Europe. This corresponds to signals from the rest of Europe, where more and more countries are choosing to ban the industry, or making it so expensive to operate fur that the industry is practically wound up. The big fashion houses are following suit, with Gucci as the latest in the line to drop real fur in their collections. "Fur is no longer modern," their CEO said as he announced the news of a fur-free future for the iconic brand.

The government will continue to increase support for fur farming by two million of the taxpayer's dollars.

But despite the fact that the position of the fur is declining among consumers, this is not reflected in the political guidelines in this country. After pressure from the Left and the KrF, the Right and the Frp scrambled plans to remove animal welfare from the state budget. But they will continue to increase support for fur farming by two million of the taxpayer's dollars.

Crazy of the barrier. In Norway, over one million reefs and mink are kept imprisoned throughout small netting cages. Most intuitively understand that a living being cannot possibly satisfy its instincts and natural needs in this way – not least active predators such as foxes and minks. They can simply lose their mind and, as in the case of the silver fox, end up biting and killing their own puppies. The possibilities of achieving good and decent animal welfare for the fur animals are totally different from that of ordinary domestic animals. Therefore, this is the only form of animal husbandry that the Animal Welfare Alliance wants to liquidate.

So to all of you out there in the winter cold: Keep using your consumer power! You are evidence that the more you know, the wiser you act. Then we can only hope that the politicians will soon follow – also in this country.
Lunde is a communications advisor for the Animal Protection Alliance.

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