Vietnam War
US forces attack a dedicated cong camp north of Tay Ninh in 1965. Rarehistoricalphotos.

Before World War III

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Author. Wrote in MODERN TIMES's predecessor Orientering.
Published: September 27, 2020

After years of terrorist attacks on schools, hospitals, villages, railways, cities, factories and other important war targets, it is now clear that the United States will not win its colonial war in Vietnam in this way: the only thing that can bring peace in the foreseeable future is to burn off one or more atomic bombs over North Vietnam and the border areas. It would bring about the long-awaited lasting, absolute silence and peace that once rested over two Japanese cities.

Unfortunately, it is to be expected that leading Americans will consider the possibility of deploying nuclear weapons in the fight. The United States has done this before; they are the only ones who have used the weapons against so far…

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