Before World War III

Vietnam War
US forces attack a dedicated cong camp north of Tay Ninh in 1965. Rarehistoricalphotos.

After years of terrorist attacks on schools, hospitals, villages, railways, cities, factories and other important war targets, it is now clear that the United States will not win its colonial war in Vietnam, in this way: the only thing that can bring peace in the foreseeable future is to burn off one or more atomic bombs over North Vietnam and the border areas. It would bring about the long-awaited lasting, absolute silence and peace that once rested over two Japanese cities.

Unfortunately, leading Americans have to reckon with the possibility of deploying nuclear weapons in the fight. The United States has done this before; they are the only ones who have so far used the weapons against humans.

During Lyndon Johnson #'s presidency, the United States has lost so much of its prestige, of its moral sanity and of the sympathy of the world, that there is soon nothing left to lose. An enlightened monarchy has so desperately lived out its fear of social and economic change, it has so clearly shown that it is willing to do anything to maintain its economic world domination – that the United States today occupies the position in the world that Hitler-Germany took. until 1945: a state formation one can expect everything from.

# The Vietnam War has shown that the United States now knows only one method of advancing its interests: more and more violence.

In this country, the bourgeoisie comments on this by saying that the Vietnamese only need to surrender, then they would drop more napalm, lazydogs and bombs: country!" – It is as relevant as remembering the European resistance movement during the war years by saying: "If they had only obeyed the Germans in everything they wanted, they would have escaped both torture and executions!"

In reality, there is only one sensible comment on the Vietnam War, it is:

Is Vietnam and the Liberation Front waging war on American territory, or are the Americans waging war on Vietnamese territory?

- If the latter is the case, it must be justified to ask who has invited hundreds of thousands of Americans to settle in the country, obviously with the intention of staying there.

First, the French had landed as a colony, and when the French were driven out, the Americans took over, in confidence in their infinitely greater resources of weapons and money. Of course, it does not matter to the United States what kind of political government an irrelevant country like Vietnam has; The purpose of the occupation is partly the access to cheap raw materials, and partly the possibility of a bridgehead in Southeast Asia. To believe that the United States today sacrifices thousands of its young men to secure Vietnamese parliamentary rights according to the Western European pattern can only be done in a state of death-like hypnosis: not even the Americans themselves believed for a moment that Ky's election in the South -Vietnam was held in legal forms.

Will they continue to believe that the Pentagon is fighting for culture and freedom? Will they continue to believe that thousands and thousands of American and Vietnamese lives are being sacrificed to help

These are obvious truths, and they have long been documented. . .

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