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Ban fruit

The Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan do not dare to eat Afghan fruit and vegetables. The farmers around them have to grow opium to survive.


[Afghanistan] The 380 Norwegian soldiers in Camp Nidaros are located in the remote Mazar-i-Sharif, in the far north of Afghanistan. Here the soldiers eat good Norwegian – brown cheese and smoked salmon.

The farmers in the area would gladly produce food and sell it to the foreign soldiers. But the Defense does not think it is safe. So instead of trading food on the local market, all the food is imported by the Norwegian soldiers and the 40.000 other foreign soldiers in the country eat.

- If no one wants to buy watermelon from us, we must grow opium poppies. "Everyone" wants opium, says farmer Mohammad Yseen to Ny Tid.

When he was growing opium poppies, the grandson's father earned enough to buy TVs for the kids, refrigerators, and even a motorcycle for himself. This year he grows vegetables and has no money for children's school books.

Farmers are the largest occupational group in Afghanistan, and agricultural products have been the most important export industry in the Afghan economy. . .

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