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The Saudi press writes that the prince of Qatar gives an estimated $ 10 million to an Israeli-Arab football team in the city of Sakhnin near Hebron. Sakhnin has about 25 inhabitants, no own field, but the local team is considered a success in Israeli football. The money will go to the playing field and the creation of a sports center. The city's sports club is made up of many Jews, and the club surprisingly won the 000 Israeli Cup.

A spokesman for Sakhnin Municipality says that the city's football success has contributed to a good relationship between Arabs and the Jewish majority. Qatar is expected to release details about the gift later.

Source: Al Watan, Saudi Arabia


The head of the Palestinian Environmental Protection Agency, Yousif Abu Safyeh, says that Israel has buried more than 50 tons of toxic rubbish around the settlement of Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip. "Occupying forces increase dumping in the evacuated areas," said Abu Safyeh, who also accused Israel of transporting stolen Palestinian sand out of Gaza.

Source: Al Shaab, Egypt


Saudi Arabia will open up for more women's participation in the country's economy, it states. . .

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