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Forty years of dreaming of a better life

Regissør: Peter Torbiörnsson

THE BATTLE OF NINOSCA / Independence and detachment from violence and oppressive macho culture in Nicaragua – filmed for forty years.

Movies that have been recorded over many years always give me awe when I watch them. The much talked about and award winning British documentary series Up by Michael Apted and Paul Almond followed the lives of fourteen children from the age of seven in 1964 (7Up), with new recordings every seven years. Several films followed, the last one being called 63 Up (2019). Director Richard Linklater's drama film B (2014) showed a young boy growing up in the years 2002–2013, where the child slowly but surely becomes a young man.

The film's relationship to time is contradictory. Time is fleeting and concentrated, an experience framed, but still seconds and sequences can be preserved in a holistic shot. Seeing that faces get wrinkles and how bodies change, tells something about the director's unwavering commitment and intensifies. . .

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Carmen Gray
Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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