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PHOTO COMPETITION: «Welcome to Norway»

Radikal Portal and Ny Tid announce the Photo Competition: Welcome to Norway


Refugees flow across the borders to European countries, including Norway. Unfortunately, our authorities have proved incapable and unwilling to receive the refugees in a decent way. On the other hand, in the hour of desperation, the new popular movement Refugees Welcome to Norway emerged. Through this network, people all over the country have thrown themselves into a large-scale charity for people on the run.
Radikal Portal and Ny Tid think it is appropriate that their stories are told. We want images of the refugees' everyday life and reality, for better or worse. We are looking for the good photo stories of the helpers' efforts, small or large. We seek retold with photos the strong impressions, the emotional moments, the encounters between people across geography and culture. We therefore invite you to participate. The first prize is 10 kroner. The second and third prizes are NOK 000.
Send us at least three photos, but a maximum of ten. Attach a sentence or two about yourself and a simple photo. Deadline for submission is 15.11.

The judging panel that evaluates the contributions is Truls Lie, Kjersti Opstad, Nina Guzman Toft and Hanan
Albalkhe. The photo series will be published on Radikal Portal and in Ny Tid on Thursday 17 December. We reserve the right to publish all submitted entries. Then we also put together a panel of people discussing how Norway meets and should meet the refugees.

Mark the entry «Photo competition» and send it to

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