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Foucault and the Iranian Revolution

Interroger l'actualité avec Michel Foucault: Téhéran 1978 / Paris 2015
It is far from Tehran 1978 to Paris, Copenhagen or Oslo 2018, but with Foucault's help we may be able to understand a little more of the religious language of the Iranian revolution.

In September 1978, Michel Foucault flew to Tehran to cover the uprising against Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi for the Italian daily Corriere della Sera. At that time, the uprising against the Shah was in its most dramatic phase. From August to December, extensive strikes and million-strong demonstrations paralyzed the country, and in January 1979, the Shah fled Iran. A more than 18-month-long process of demonstrations, confrontations with the shah's police, general strikes and numerous political meetings was thus over. In February, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returned. . .

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Mikkel Bolt
Professor of political aesthetics at the University of Copenhagen.

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