Foucault and neoliberalism

Nos. 3–4
Author: Agora
Publisher: Aschehoug, Norway

PHILOSOPHY: Shortly after Agora's magnificent publication on populism, the magazine follows up with an even thicker publication. This time it is about Michel Foucault and his groundbreaking series of lectures on neoliberalism.

It is always fascinating to encounter new attempts to illuminate Foucault's concepts and analyzes. I have been moving in this landscape for 25 years. Along the way, I have published an introductory book on Foucault's analytical universe, while my own research has become increasingly influenced by his lecture series on the history of the art of management, given in the spring of 1978 and 1979.

In other words, I am in familiar terrain. Nevertheless, the lyrics manage in Agora No. 3–4 2020 to create new reflections. In several places, I think that the elements that are highlighted, the point of view they are viewed in, and the interpretations it leads to, are both thought-provoking, exciting and enriching.

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Svein Hammer
Hammer is a dr.polit. in sociology and regular reviewer in MODERN TIMES.

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