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From archive to canvas

Catherine Russell has done a reading of so-called archeology – a way of creating, interpreting, reinterpreting and evoking history through the film medium.

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"The disasters that are on the way ... the military ... the government, they know about them, and there are many safe places they could begin to move the population ..." The quote is from US Art Bell's radio show in 1997 where a man called to tell of the terrible secrets he knew through his work in Area 51 – a mythical military base in the Nevada desert. A few years ago, it was revived by UFO Network, which had sampled the radio show call to YouTube format. That video is the first thing that pops up when you search the "Hoax Canular". The words hoax og hoax both are scams, and while many may think that UFO stories are scams, those who believe in UFOs are the people who are being scammed – by the government, by the military, by those out there.

Archeology in the broadest sense means filmmakers' loans, re-use and acquisition of film clips from all kinds of archives.

Hoax Canular is also the title of a movie that portrays 21 through creative clipping of just YouTube videos. century's fear of the downfall, including fetishistic dealings with this anxiety. Or fear of doom like the solitary man's attempt to reach other people; the lonely man's attempt to create collectivity through the fear of losing the collective: to be left alone in the post-apocalypse.

What the archive is hiding

Dominic Gagnon's 2014 film – cut together from teenagers' homemade videos, where they unfold and perform their notions of the world's imminent doom – is often categorized as belonging to the "found footage" genre, but film historian Catherine Russell has taken it as typical of the time. example of «archivology». . .

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Nina Trige Andersen
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