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From diplomatic dwarf to humanitarian superpower?

BRAZIL: Many fear the lack of international orientering with President Dilma Rousseff will lead to Brazil losing the status the country has gained in recent years.


Brazil has been leading the UN Stabilization Force in Haiti since 2004, and never before has South America's largest country sent more troops on international missions. Brazilian top diplomats have in recent years been given leadership jobs in important international bodies such as the FAO and the WTO. Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva was a very visible player in the international arena, and did not conceal that he liked the diplomatic game and, in part, also mastered the rules of the game. Admittedly, he was able to provoke his advances to both Iran and Cuba, and create headaches for the career diplomats in his own foreign ministry. But while Lula in his time as president lifted his eyes, Brazil appears to be big enough for his successor, incumbent President Dilma Rousseff.
In any case, there are many indications that Brazil has
enters a consolidation phase, we believe Norwegian and Brazilian scientists who were gathered this summer for a sec-
mines in Oslo. Brazil's pursuit of international recognition and how humanitarian efforts and dedication can serve as stepping stones to higher status stood on the agenda.
the order of a group of Norwegian and Brazilian researchers who are looking forward to 2017 will look at topics such as development issues and peacekeeping operations, in a project called "Brazil's rise to the global stage".

BENJAMIN DE CARVALHO: Nupi researcher Benjamin de Carvalho is trying to find out to what extent different states like Brazil can use their international involvement to achieve better status, something many. . .

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